Living the Spirit of Christmas Every Day

Well, this is as cliché as cliché gets but still worth writing about over and over again. The spirit of Christmas exists even when it’s not December. In a world filled with materialistic whims and inclinations, it is always great to read stories of generosity, kindness, and compassion. The true meaning of Christmas goes beyond the season or occasion, as exemplified by the following stories: (more…)

I Lost My Mother On Christmas

Let me share you the story of how I lost my mother one Christmas Eve. No, this is not a tragedy. It’s quite funny, actually.

I grew up in Kansas in an average family. Nothing too much, everything was just enough. My school lunch consisted of once chicken sandwich, one orange, and one bottle of water. Sometimes there would be cookies if I had been a good girl. My father was a worker at factory of The Cheesecake Factory. My mother was a librarian. (more…)

Four Fun Games For Christmas

Every Christmas we go through the obligatory shopping, cooking, getting together, and creating fun for everyone. We make sure there’s the annual talent show for every kid in the family. But fun is not complete without games. Here in this article we will show you four games that will surely bring your Christmas to a whole new level of fun:

1. Guess What?!

Everyone who played this game get to love it. It’s super simple and fun. Here’s the mechanics: first, you have to prepare a list of items such as an object, place, person, animal, or event. Then divide the participants into two or three groups (or how many you want). Each group will choose a representative who will act out the item that s/he randomly picked. The group will then have to guess what is being acted within a time limit, let’s say one minute. If they guess it, they get one point and they get to guess again. If they fail, other groups can steal.

2. The Number Game

This game is also fun and easy, anybody can do it. First, gather the family as one big group. The group leader (whomever you fancy) will call out a specific number. For instance, the leader calls out five. The players will have to form groups of five and make sure they belong in one. If a player cannot be a member of a group because the number has been reached, s/he is out of the game. The number that has to be called out should not exceed half of the number of the participants. Also, as the game progresses, the number should get higher to make the game more intense.

3. Catch the Winking Murderer

For a more serious (but fun) game, the winking murderer is your best bet. Every player will sit in a circle except the detective. Before the game starts the group decides on who the murderer is. Then the mystery begins. The winking murderer will “kill” players by winking at them, and the killed players let out a blood-curdling scream when they see the murderer winking at them. The detective has three chances to guess who the murderer is. Upon failure, the group decides the consequence.

4. Twelve Days of Christmas Relay

This game will surely put the kids into frenzy. For this game you will need a collection of items that will symbolize the lyrics of the Christmas song “Twelve Days of Christmas”. For example, think of an object that will represent the line “partridge in the pear tree”. You have to make sure that the kids will know which line the items represent. You can get photos on the Internet.

Divide the kids into two groups. Provide them with complete sets of the items. Then place two buckets at the end of the room. The goal is to put the items that match the lyrics in the right order at the fastest possible time. So the first kid will search for the item that matches the lyric “partridge in the pear tree” then run to the bucket at the other side of the room. The next kid (waiting by the bucket) will run to the items and do likewise. The first group that gathers all their items in the bucket wins.